Free Credit reports

As per the FCRA or the Fair Credit reporting act all citizens of the U.S are entitled to get a free credit report. These credit reports depict the payment histories of consumers including the debts cleared, credit card dues, late fines and penalties, default reports and various other finance related details. There are three main crediting bureaus which provide these reports for free to all consumers. These three bureaus are the Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. As per the FCRA all these three bureaus have to provide consumers with an annual free credit report. These credit reports can be availed from all the three agencies.


Getting free credit reports at intervals

Usually most of the people opt for getting these reports from the different crediting agencies at difference intervals. Since all three agencies provide these reports for free at least once in 12 months, it is best to select avail these reports at different time intervals. This way you can get at least one credit report every four months, from either of the bureaus. There are also options where these credit reports can be seen online. Usually one report is provided for free annually and requesting a report more than once can be charged for.

Evaluating your credit report

The credit report should be evaluated and checked after it has been received. It is important to remember that the different reports made by different agencies may have slight discrepancies. But in case these discrepancies are extreme then the credit bureaus should be contacted and informed about the same. Consumers should check the credit reports and see if their previous payments and debts have been mentioned in these reports. Since these reports are the basis of formulating the credit scores it is essential to check them and dispute them, in cases of misinformation or errors.

Other ways to get free reports

One of the best ways to get the free credit reports are through the three main crediting bureaus. But there are also online options for the same. There are various sites through which the credit reports can also be availed. But they are not government appointed sites and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FCRA. The totally free credit reports can prove to be vital tool in improving your credit scores and also in identifying errors and misinformation on these credit reports. Hence they should be availed from these credit reporting agencies.