Time Required for Fixing the Credit Scores


The time required to fix your credit score depends on various factors and moreover on the will of the consumer. One of the major factors is the credit score situation itself. If the credit score is very low then the chances are that there are too many debts to be taken care of in quick and successful succession.



Typically the high prevalence of debts and large principal amounts result in an increase of the duration of time needed for improving the score. Plainly put, more debt and higher amounts take more time to get fixed.  Most debtors didn’t get into the debt hole they are in overnight.  It will subsequently be more than a one day operation to climb out. 


This process of credit repair can range from few months to years, depending on the credit problems and goals for success.  If you currently have a 350 and are looking to get to 750, then hang in there, it will be a while.  If however you are not looking for stellar credit, just something over 600 that will enable you to get back to a level where you can get the credit you need, then the time will be more reasonable. Usually if the debts are of smaller amounts and are few in number, then it can take as little as 2 to 3 months to repair the credit score. There are other factors which influence the time taken to fix the scores also, this can include the time taken by the bureaus to rectify these changes in the credit scores.


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Instant Repairing of Scores through Fixing Errors


increase your credit scoreOne of the easiest ways of repairing a credit score is through fixing errors on the credit reports first off. There are instances where poor credit scores reflect on the report due to data entry errors or manual errors entered by the credit bureau itself. If the bureau has been at fault then under the FCRA, the bureau has to rectify these errors and send a fresh credit report along with credit scores to the consumer.


There are 3 very common credit report errors, that with a little help, you can get fixed immediately:



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Fixing the Credit Score Errors More Frequently


increase credit scoreThe consumer is entitled to a free credit report from each of the three crediting bureaus once annually. Instead of taking these three reports at the same time the reports can be applied for at different intervals. Using this method at least one credit report would be available every four months. This will keep you updated on the latest credit changes made to your report. The sooner you are aware of a problem, the sooner you can mitigate the damage caused by it.


How to Avoid Poor Credit Scores


There are various ways through which poor credit scores can be avoided. The simplest is to pay the bills and debts on time. It is always suggested to make smaller payments when feasible because they don’t require much capital but help in increasing credit scores almost instantly. A regular check on the credit reports should be maintained to avoid the risks of errors snowballing into bigger problems.  Finally, and most importantly, don’t overextend yourself by taking on more debt than you can afford to pay off.