Buying without a credit card

The person at the head of the long grocery store checkout line is holding up traffic. She’s handing over a stack of coupons and writing a check. Despite her seeming lack of respect for everyone else’s time, she could be someone worth emulating.



Clipping coupons can be a great way to save money. And writing a check, paying with cash or using a debit card instead of a credit card is a great way to stay on a budget. It is possible to live without credit cards and still buy anything you want . . . or at least everything you need.


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The difference between need and want


A need is an unquestionable necessity, like a gallon of milk. A want is often a frivolity, like a candy bar. If you’re trying to avoid debt, it’s important to know what things you’d like to have but can live without . . . and then live without them. A budget is key. It’s simply a method of knowing how much money comes in each pay period and how much goes out.


live without credit cards


Developing a budget is as easy as this:


Reducing expenditures on needs


Part of living within your means is learning how to reduce expenditures. You have no choice but to buy necessities. However, you can save on them. Here are just a few tips for cutting the cost of food:


More cuts to make


Here are some additional tips to help you reduce expenses:

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How to save, what to save and why


Now that you’ve got your expenses under control, it’s time to think about putting some money in the bank. Here are a few guidelines: